Welcome to Fairview Elementary School Library
Mrs. Bowen-Library Media Specialist

Our mission is to provide an environment that fosters 21st century learning and encourages students and staff to be lifelong readers and learners. Learners will acquire thinking skills that enable them to learn on their own by selecting, evaluating, and using information appropriately and effectively.

Library Classes
Students in grades PreK-5 visit the library once a week to have a lesson, check out books, and read.

Check Out Procedures
Our library has an extensive selection of fiction, nonfiction,  and reference books. There are books for every interest and reading level. The first few weeks of school will be spent helping students identify their reading interests and genre preferences. Time will be spent helping students become independent users of the library so that they can identify if a book is too hard or too easy for them to read. If a student consistently brings home books that are too hard for them to read, please email me or call the library and I will help your student find more appropriate books. 

Students will check out 1 book during their library visit.  Students are encouraged to check out books on or slightly above their reading level. I monitor the books that are checked out and make an effort to match students with appropriate level books.

Students are only allowed to have only 1 book checked out at a time therefore, if the book is not returned to the library, the student will not be allowed to check out another book.