Homework page
If we are out of school due to inclement weather, health epidemics or Spring break here are a few ideas to work on at home:

      1. Print sight words from the back of your Daily Folder
      2. Write a story using sight words and letter sounds to spell unknown
          words and illustrate
      3. Identify coins: penny, nickel, dime and quarter and tell how many
           cents each one is worth
      4. Practice printing numbers and draw pictures to match them.
           For example: 1  *, 2 **,  10**********, etc.
      5. Draw patterns using shapes, sizes and colors or make a pattern with coins
      6. READ, READ, READ ! Read little books that have been sent home to
          read to Families,
          read library books, read your own books
      7. Go to our school website, student tab then Clever portal and read/listen to
         ebooks on Scholastic
      8. Count to 100 and backward from 10