Week  of March 1

Math-  Count to 100 by 1's, 5's, 10's.

Reading-  sounds,  c,  h,  ch.
              sight words,   he, no

Science-  Recycle

Week  of  March 7

Math- composing  and decomposing numbers

Reading-sounds, sh, ch.     Sight words-   Review  all  sight words.

Science- Recycling.

Week  of  March  14

Math- Money.                                 Science-   Spring

Reading -      Sounds   of   h,  ch,  sh.      Sight words-   do,  down.

Week  of   March   20  

Math-  Money.                                                 Science -  Spring

Reading-  Sounds,  th,  wh.      Sight words-   help,  have.

Week  of  March  28       SPRING    BREAK        ENJOY!!!