Parent reminders
  • Please make sure your child wears tennis shoes each day or has a pair in their book bag.  We will go to the playground each day (weather permitting) and your child will need tennis shoes.  Also they will not be able to participate in PE class without tennis shoes.
  • Please check your child's folder nightly.  Be sure to sign or initial the box each day.
  • Remember to send back your child's library book by Wednesday each week.  They will not be able to check out a new book until they have returned the one from the prior week.
  • Please try to make sure your child is on time each day.  As you can see from looking at our schedule, we get started early and wok hard all day.  If your child is late, I will send home work they missed or have them complete it during recess.
  • When sending in money for a field trip, please send in both money and permission slips together in a baggie or envelope so it doesn't get lost.  I will send you a receipt to let you know I received the money.