Fourth Grade P.L.A.T.O.

READING:  We are reading Blood on the River, by Elisa Carbone. Every week we read, define words, do writing activities, and have Socratic Seminars.

In small group reading, we are reading and doing target skill activities out of the leved readers. 

SPELLING:  Every week each student will get new spelling words.  We will practice writing our spelling words in class every week and have a test every Friday. 

LANGUAGE ARTS:  We are practicing using complete sentences, correct punctuation, capitalization, indentation, and spelling. 

MATH:  In math, we are learning about FRACTIONS!  We will be comparing, naming, drawing, adding, and subtracting fractions.

VIRGINIA STUDIES:  We are currently learning about Jamestown. 

SCIENCE:  We are learning about the Solar System!